Monday, October 22, 2007

Busy Days

In addition to Graham's normal eating, playing, and sleeping routine, he has been staying busy. On Friday he traveled through 5 states (TN, NC, NY, VT, and MA) by air and land. He did wonderfully the entire day (almost 12 hours of traveling). We finally made it to my grandfather's house in MA and while he was there he did many new things (in addition to meeting lots of family members whose pictures I'll post later).

This is Sadie the poodle and his first encounter with a dog.
The dog ended up being scared of him.

Meeting another dog- Gizmo the chihauhua who is the perfect baby sized dog!!

watching Great Grandpa Joe cook polenta

throwing touch down passes

kicking field goals

completing the blue side of the rubix cube

playing Wii-
he happens to be an excellent boxer, but Mommy beat him in bowling with a 192

listening to music

looking cute in his shades


NotesbyNewsome said...

I LOVE this post! He's so smart!! I can't even figure out a rubix cube (and yes, I'm talking about just one side of the cube..forget the whole thing!!)!!

Jackie said...

He didn't get that ability from me so don't worry. I wouldn't know how even begin doing it!!