Organizing My Life

Yet another idea that did not originate with me, but one that I instantly knew I wanted to take part in.  My desire is to enjoy my family and our home.  I started out overwhelmed, exhausted, unmotivated, and frustrated, but week by week, I'm already seeing things improve.  Here is my journey to a more organized life.

Week 1- Finding My Purpose

Week 2- The Bare Minimum

Week 3- Brainstorming

Week 4- Slicing the Pie

Week 5- Cut, Combine, or Delegate

Week 6- Kids' Chores

Week 7- Get a Routine on Paper

Week 8- Reporting for Active Duty

Week 9- Monthly/Annual Chores

Week 10- Menu Planning

Week 11- Meal List

Week 12- Grocery List

Week 13- Hot Spot 1 (before)   (after)

Week 14- Hot Spot 2