Friday, June 06, 2008

Now he's an omnivore

Graham is no longer a vegetarian. As of last week, he started eating chicken, so now he is an omnivore. Since the idea of jarred meat kind of grosses me out, I boiled some chicken for him and then put it through the food processor like I do with all of his other food. He wasn't thrilled with the taste of plain chicken, so I've been mixing it in with his veggies.


happymcfamily said...

I'm not personally thrilled with the taste of plain chicken either.

marymstraits said...

I, too, was grossed out by the baby food meat in jars. We were in a bind one day at the pharmacy and it was Noah's dinner time. We bought a jar of "chicken dinner" but he refused to eat it. Chris tasted it and confirmed that it was indeed nasty. :)

a wandering heart said...

Hannah never took the jarred meats... except the meat sticks. After opening one too many, it didn't bother me to grind up our meat for her. Pork loin is one of her favorites!