Sunday, June 01, 2008

What We've Been Up To

We went to the Nashville Zoo with some moms from our small group. He didn't really notice the animals, but did enjoy riding on the carousel.

We went to see Anthony's sister and her family for Memorial Day. Graham got to meet their horses. I think this is Max which is what Graham was going to be named until a few weeks before he was born. If we hadn't changed his name, then Max would have been meeting Max! I am glad we decided to make the switch. He is a Graham and not a Max :)

He loves his Daddy so much. They have a great time playing together and I crack up at the things they continue to have in common- a love for fans and wires!!

Last week he went swimming for the first time. I felt bad for him since he couldn't move with the swim fins on. They did the job since we hung out by the steps. He was really good at doing the dead mans float and enjoyed lapping the pool water!!

He is actually getting some hair!! If you look closely, you can see it spiked up :)

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Justin & Gi said...

Love the swimming dude! katie is swimming right now...actually she is walking around the pool which for a one year old I guess is much more fun!