Sunday, October 19, 2008

I realize I missed the 13th month update and now that he is 14 months old, I figured I would catch you up on what he has learned to do since he turned 1. Sorry the post is so long, it's just that he does so much now!

He walks and runs everywhere.
He especially loves to be chased by Mommy and Daddy.

He has learned that pens and pencils are for writing and whenever he gets a hold of one of them, he tries to write with it.
He hasn't figured out which hand to write with yet!!

He now has four top teeth and two bottom teeth.

The teeth are very useful for eating apples off the core

He continues to be quite the character.
These pictures were taken back to back :)

He is very good at eating at his table
and getting down from the chair on his own.

He loves goldfish and apparently on this day he really needed some.
I'd like to think he spotted them after climbing onto the table.
Thankfully he hasn't tried this since them.

His hair is growing and there are probably a dozen strands
that could stand to be trimmed.

He even wakes up with bed head now!

Last month we were invited to Farm Day at one of our church member's farm.
Graham got to see a sheep, two goats, horse, cows,
chickens, and carrier pigeons. He even got to go on a hay ride!

In addition to all of this:

He has learned to sign please, thank you, milk, love, and Jesus. He also folds his hands whenever we tell him it's time to pray. I've been trying to teach him to close his eyes when he folds his hands. Right now he makes "angry eyes" (see first banana pic above) as his attempt to close them.

He loves animals and has become very good at making his elephant sound. He also can do the doggie, kitty, and piggy. He knows how to make the sheep and goat sounds but still doesn't do them on command.

He knows where his hair, ears, nose, toes, belly, hands, mouth, and tongue are.

He knows how clap his hands, stomp his feet, and say amen when we sing "If You're Happy and You Know It" but is selective when he will do it.

He can say bye-bye, Mama, Dada, baby, and amen. He has said bible once and ball, boy, bird, and book all sound the same.

He loves books and balls. He usually is playing with one or the other. The books have become an essential to nap time and bed time. We usually rock for 1-5 minutes and then he goes into his bed with several books and reads until he falls asleep.

He likes to tickle the babies in his books as well as Mommy and Daddy.

His favorite foods are bananas, bread, and grapes. Most nights he eats whatever we eat including salmon, spaghetti, teriyaki chicken, meatloaf, and chili.

He is very technologically advanced- he can turn the tvs on and off (and gets in trouble for it) and also knows that the jump drive goes into the side of Anthony's laptop.

He jumps whenever we ask him to (not getting off of the ground) and loves to be outside.

It took four days to wean him and this happened about two weeks after his birthday.

Since he was weaned, we were able to leave him for a night while Anthony and I went to Pigeon Forge for a Marriage Retreat. We're thankful for the two ladies from church who were willing to watch him for us.

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Amy said...

The "angry eyes" pic looks exactly like a "cranky joey" face!!