Monday, November 03, 2008

Not Me Monday

Julia and I got to go to The Mirror Lake Inn for dinner last night and enjoy an incredible meal thanks to a gift certificate she received at the prom last spring. We decided that my Not Me Monday post should be dedicated to this rare experience, so here it goes:

We did not get their early and play checkers by the fire which did not lead to me winning said checkers game!

We did not eat a ton of food- a strawberry-goat cheese-raspberry jam hors d'oeuvre, white bread, olive bread, goat cheese fritter appetizer, and a teriyaki shrimp appetizer. For the main course I did not have filet mignon with a cheddar cheese potato tower and pear creme bruelle for dessert. Julia did not have double pork chops with apple chutney and whipped potatoes for her main course and flourless chocolate cake for dessert. Our coats did button up when we left.

The waiter did not tell us that the olive bread was raisin bread and this did not cause us to have a taste bud surprise when we bit into the bread and tasted olive instead of raisin!

Julia did not become obsessed with the goat cheese.

I did not order the second most expensive main course and the most expensive dessert! They both just did not sound good at all :)

Julia did not lick her plate clean (actually she didn't, but she thought about it twice)!

The crumbs on our table were not brushed off by our waiter in between dinner and dessert.

We were not given at least 10 pieces of silverware to use throughout the course of the night.

I did not wonder what someone eating in the restaurant would do if they had flatulence or a gaseous oral eruption.

We did not stop in the bathroom before we left to see what it looked like and use the nice cloth towels to dry our hands.

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