Friday, December 26, 2008

16 Months Old!!

Graham turned 16 months the day I left for NY. He is so much fun and keeps us laughing on a regular basis.

*He loves to drive his cars on the floor and make noises while doing it, rock in his rocking chair, read books, play with balls, go outside, and watch Baby Einstein dvd's. He does a great job playing by himself and loves to play in his room (unless he's hungry and then he's pulling on my pants)!

*He likes to spin in circles, wrestle on the floor, walk on his knees, and be chased.

*He comes up to us and says boo and likes to play peek-a-boo.

*Whenever we hang up the phone he says bye-bye right after we do. He loves to "call" using our cell phone and is adorable when he holds the phone.

*He says "no no" to things he knows he is not allowed to do. He is learning that he doesn't have to obey so we are constantly reminding him to choose to obey because the Bible says children are supposed to obey their mommy and daddy.

*I've been teaching him to come, sit, and roll-over.

*He is making animal sounds really well when we ask him what the animal says. He connects most with their picture and will say a few by name.

*I'm always amazed at how much he knows. I can ask him to do something for me and usually he understand the first time and will do it (pick something up, put something away, etc). He also does great pointing to pictures in his books.

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