Saturday, December 06, 2008

Not Me Monday

I promise we did not totally fall off of the face of the earth; it only seems like that!! We were out of town the week of Thanksgiving and last week we were preparing for the Christmas program at church, so while things have been busy, now all we have left to do is finish some shopping and attend several Christmas parties!

Here is this week's installment of Not Me Monday! courtesy of MckMama. I did not do these things over the past few weeks:

We did not travel in the car of over 25 hours during the week of Thanksgiving. No, we did not go see Anthony's family in MD and then friends in Wake Forest before coming home to TN. We would never expect our 15 month old son to endure such a trip and of course he did not do a wonderful job because he isn't the most wonderful little boy!!

We did not enjoy seeing Anthony's family. The cousins were not all together for the first time and of course we didn't have a delicious Thanksgiving dinner on Friday. And because I am so on top of things, I did not only take three pictures the entire time we were there. The three pictures were not of Graham in the dog cage. We did not have to lock him because he was hard to control (actually, he willingly put himself in there- several times).

We didn't experience a whirlwind trip while in Wake Forest, seeing 8 families in 36 hours plus people from Six Forks Baptist Church (now New Covenant Fellowship). We were not exhausted and of course we weren't glad to see everyone!

Since getting home last Tuesday, I have not fallen asleep on the couch everynight. Nope. I don't try to push it and watch just one more show instead of going to bed.

I did not realize this week that I have a complete fear of commitment when it comes to purchasing shoes. I do not have an incredibly hard time finding a pair of shoes that fit to begin with (my foot is not wide and I do not have a super high arch). When a pair does fit, I don't usually find something else wrong with them or buy them and then return them. The ones that I did not find the other days are not being returned because I am not afraid that they will give me blisters. I (really) haven't had a pair of black shoes for years. I haven't been wearing black socks with my $5 Payless Birkenstocks to fill the void.

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