Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our FL Trip (in reverse)

Since the pictures loaded in reverse, I figured I would leave them and tell the story from end to the beginning :)

Anyway, we spent last week (Sun-Sat) in Orlando with three couples from seminary. All of the husbands had classes together and sang in Faithful Men. They've all since graduated and we're all over now (NC, GA, FL, and TN). We met in Orlando for a music conference. The guys made the agreement before they finished school that we would try to meet up at the conference every year. This was our second year going and boy was it fun.

Here we all are at the banquet on Thursday night.

(Thanks Tara and Leah for doing my hair and make-up)

On Wed night we had some free time
so we went with John and Tara to Downtown Disney.
It's free to walk around and we enjoyed dinner at The Earl of Sandwich,
which was quite tasty as well as affordable!

Giant Lego Models
(Joey, I thought you'd be impressed!)

The Game of Life spinner hanging from the ceiling
(Here's to you Julia and all the times we've played the game!)

On Tues my Mom and grandfather picked Graham up and took him to his house. It was nice to have a few days to spend with just the adults and not have to entertain him, although I will say he was quite the trooper. He spent a lot of time in his stroller on Monday and even got observe his first pedicure. Don't worry, he didn't get one. His dad would have been very upset if he had! So after Graham left on Tues the girls got to spend a little bit of time at the beach. What a difference a week can bring- it only got up to about 22 today and I know many of you are even colder!

All in all, it was a wonderful time seeing friends, family, relaxing, and of course learning. I think we've both come home refreshed and renewed!! Thanks to the Bible's, Grizzard's, and Newsome's for a wonderful week. We love you guys :)

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