Thursday, January 01, 2009

We do have Christmas pictures but...

I made slideshow of our Christmas pictures and it was messed up when I switched it from Anthony's laptop to our computer. I've tried loading them onto blogger only to not be patient enough to wait and then tried a bubbleshare slideshow and the website was not working right. All this to say, I DO have pictures of our Christmas and hopefully they will be up this weekend.

We had a wonderful time celebrating as a family of three. We opened presents, had cinnamon rolls, and I made my first ever turkey (we've always been with Anthony's parents or sister for Thanksgiving so I've never had to make one. I must say it turned out great and has lasted for 5+ meals). Before we ate the turkey dinner Graham threw up so we spent the rest of the night and following day watching him to see if he'd throw up again. He got sick a few more times that night but never again once he woke up the next day. Since he was sick we had to cancel our plans with Anthony's sister, so we'll exchange gifts with them on Sunday.

Today we took down all of the decorations, so the holiday season is officially over. Now we're preparing for our trip to Orlando. We leave Sunday night and will be there through Saturday. We're going for a music conference and meeting up with three other couples that were at the seminary wit us. My mom is flying down too and she will be watching Graham at my grandfather's house. It's going to be a great week and poor Graham will get to go to Orlando for a second time in his life and still not get to go to Disney World!! Maybe someday he and Aunt Julia can go together :)

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