Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Today is his half birthday!

Graham is 18 months on the 18th!! I hope to take some pictures of him today, since I've hardly taken any in the past few weeks (and maybe even months). Here's what he's up to:

*He is developing a very silly side and always keeps us laughing

*For a while he has followed simple commands, but recently become more consistent and now enjoys helping when I ask (although sometimes he'd rather play)

*He has turned into a little parrot and repeats almost everything we say. Many of his words are missing beginning or ending sounds, but I think what he says sounds close to the real thing. New words include: helicopter, up, down, bear, mail, oranges, toys, hippo, frog, radio, moon, star, sky, home, sandal, morning, baseball, outside, movie, sing, boat, Noah

*He loves to play on the computer and has climbed into the desk chair and had fun playing with the mouse. His playing on the computer consists of watching Daddy play WOW (his online game) or watching You Tube videos of airplanes, helicopters, or Sesame Street with Mommy.

*He loves Sesame Street and Baby Einstein "moonies" (movies).

*He's still in limbo with naps. Some days he takes one and other days he takes two, depending on what we have scheduled for the day.

*He continues to come to choir practice with me. He provides a lot of entertainment to say the least. He enjoys playing the piano while Daddy is playing our parts and tries to apply his love for pushing buttons by pushing them on the stereo. He also tries to put the CD's in the CD player.

*He loves when Anthony and I both sing to him at the same time. He usually says and signs "more more" because he wants us to keep singing. He also does this whenever Anthony wrestles with him or we chase him.

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