Friday, March 20, 2009

My Weekend Part 2

Living Proof Live

I knew this was going to be a wonderful opportunity for worship and renewal and it was exactly that. If you've never heard Beth speak, I encourage you to if she is ever in your area. I'm still amazed that the only Pastor's Wives conference that she has done in the last two years, was only an hour from home!

The basis for what Beth shared was based on this blog post that her daughter wrote last month-sum up your life in six words. She came up with six-word aggravations and six-word alternatives to them. Most of what she said referred back to being in the ministry, but it can also apply to anyone's life. Here's the six-word phrases:

Aggravation #1

Ministry by default.
Life long misfit.

If we feel like a mistake was made about us being in ministry, we reaffirm being a misfit and that God doesn't know what He's doing.

Alternative #1

Chosen by God.
Have holy fit.

God is not sorry He placed us where He has. This went in line with what I heard from the pastor's wife about being the perfect person for what God has called me to do.

Aggravation #2

Seek their approval.
Become their slave.

We become a slave to whomever we seek approval from.

Alternative #2

Seek God's approval.
Find your peace.

Focus on being the person God made me to be and not what I think other people want me to be. We were encouraged in the Dealing with Difficult people breakout session to write a personal mission statement and then you'll have something concrete to refer back to when asked to do something or issues arise.

Aggravation #3

Work with people.
Expect titanic problems.

*Pass up the opportunity to compare yourself to others.
*When conflicts arise, remember that our ultimate battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the devil. People are not the enemy
*Criticism is either true or it's not. If it's true, then fix the problem. If not, then give it to the Lord.

Alternative #3

Choose to trust.
Not to rust.

We should be free, so don't allow things in life to overcome you.

4-6 will be posted tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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