Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Weekend Part 3

Aggravation #4

Trade your bondage.
Keep your chains.

*Often we will trade in for more socially acceptable addictions.
*Whatever we set our minds on can become a stronghold and only scripture can help us overcome these. We should have 20 verses memorized that we can remember at any time!

Alternative #4

Don't ignore.
Get restored, then restore.

We need to deal with the things we are in bondage to so we can be useful to God.

Aggravation #5

Sow the flesh.
Reap the dregs.

At this point she reminded us that we will sow what we reap. If people have wronged us, we need to forgive them and allow the Lord to deal with them. They won't get away with what they've done and we don't need to be the ones trying to "make them pay."

Alternative #5

Sow the Spirit.
Reap the life.

Starve what needs to die and feed what needs to thrive.

Aggravation #6

Lose what counts.
Watch misery mount.

Are we moved by seeing someone come to an understanding of what Christ did for them? Do we rejoice when someone is baptized?

Alternative #6

Keep the King the thing:

Seek to know Him!

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Mark and Amanda said...

hey Jackie,
Thanks for sharing the things you learned at the conference. Good stuff, I'm really glad you got to go.
And Graham just keeps growing cuter.
Love to you guys..