Thursday, April 02, 2009

God's Promise Through the Sign

Chapter 5
I Will Speak to You in Your Language

Why is a sign placed over the head of Jesus?...

Of all the possible answers to [this question], let's focus on one. Could it be that this piece of wood is a picture of God's devotion? A symbol of his passion to tell the world about his Son? A reminder that God will do whatever it takes to share with you the message of this sign? I suggest that the sign reveals two truths about God's desire to reach the world.

There is no person he will not use.

Please note that the sign bears immediate fruit. Remember the response of the criminal? Moments from his own death, in a maelstrom of pain, he turns and says, "Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom" (Luke 23:42)...

Pilate did not intend to spread the gospel...

There is no person he will not use. And,

There is no language God will not speak.

Every passerby could read the sign, for every passerby could read Hebrew, Latin, or Greek- the three great languages of the ancient world... The message was the same, but the languages were different. Since Jesus was a king for all people, the message would be in the tongue of all people.

There is no language he will not speak. Which leads us to a delightful question. What language is he speaking to you in? I'm not referring to an idiom or dialect but to the day-to-day drama of your life. God does speak, you know. He speaks in whatever language we will understand...

"The language of abundance...", "the language of need...", the language of affliction..." What language is God speaking to you?

(Excerpt from He Chose the Nails page 41-46)

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