Monday, April 20, 2009

Grahamaneese Lesson

Graham turned 20 months last week and since I did a sort of combo update two weeks ago, instead of another update, I thought I would give you a lesson in Grahamaneese, just in case you ever have a conversation with him.

badguy- pat-a-cake
peebo- peek-a-boo
tupid- too big
sue- shoe
carpul- careful
pitie- pirate ship
miw- milk
mewow- meow
tinkle- twinkle (for Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)
mar or awmy- march or army (I'm in the Lord's army)
unawear- underwear
rarow- radio
iwudoo- I love you
beddy- belly
nowr-one- another one
moonie- movie
intine-Einstein (for Baby Einstein)
elcoper- helicopter
awgator- alligator
arpane- airplane
ome- home
dackie- Jackie (repeats whenever he hears someone say my name)
anny- Anthony (same for his name)
pank- spanking
awgon- all gone

There are many words that he actually says that sound right. We're consistently impressed with his ability to repeat pretty much anything. The only things he won't say are "yes" (he shakes his head, but I've gotten him to say ok anytime he should say yes, since he doesn't mind saying that) and "thank you" (he usually signs it, although he has said it a hanful of times in recent weeks).

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Michelle said...

I love the list! This so reminds me of when James used to say "opi" and we so thought he was saying "a bee". And we'd always insist that he didn't have to worry...there weren't any bees! Then my mom actually figured out that he was saying "open". LOL. It seems so obvious now, but back then we were stumped!!