Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another Month Older

Here's a pictureless monthly update (I have lots to post, but the camera and computer are not getting along at the moment). Graham turned 21 months last week. I actually missed it, so I guess that's a sign that we are getting close to the end of marking monthly milestones ( I think the unspoken rule is that once they turn 2 we can refer to them by their year age and not month age, but I could be wrong :). Anyway, here's what he's up to:

*He often repeats what we say without being asked and says 3-4 word phrases. My favorite to date is "nother one bad guy" when he watches Daddy play his computer game.

*He loves to count and I will hear him count while playing. He says 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 10 and a few times has said 11, 12, 13, and 16. He is also trying to count with his fingers, but not quite that coordinated yet. We've concluded that he must be an auditory learner because I have not spent any lengthy amount of time teaching him this. He just picks it up.

*The Wheels on the Bus and 5 Little Monkeys are among his favorite songs and he can answer all sorts of questions about them. He know what the wheels, doors, horn, wipers, teacher, baby, mommy, and daddy on the bus do/say. He will tell you what the monkeys jump on, what they bump, who mommy called, and what the doctor said. He also refers to any bus that he sees as a "round and round."

*One of his favorite books is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. He knows many of the foods that the caterpillar ate, what it built (cocoon), and that it became a beautiful butterfly.

*I think he has officially transitioned to one nap, although we are struggling a little with what time to make it.

*He has developed some of his own little games to play, including "ready, set, go." For this you say those words and then run down the little incline in the front yard. It's fun to see this creative side of him developing.

*We are definitely entering a phase of trying to balance his increasing independence and the need for him to obey. We have had several times of falling on the floor crying because he didn't get his way. Thankfully he hasn't done that in a few days, although I know there will be more to come.

*His favorite toys include balls, trains, tractors, buses, construction vehicles, and big trucks (anything bigger than a pick-up truck). Whenever we see one while we are driving or walking, he asks for "nother one ..."

*If you ask him what is in Mommy's belly he says, "baby." He then lifts my shirt to see if he can see it and I'm sure is totally confused by it. He has lifted his shirt a time or two to see if there is one in his belly!

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