Saturday, June 13, 2009

Our Busy Summer

Last Sunday Graham and I began our summer travels. We will be out of town on and off for 7 out of the next 8 weeks. This past week was spent with Graham's cousins Chris and Matt. It's so nice to live close enough that I can help them out. I was watching the boys while their mom taught at a camp at the community college that she works at. We'll be going back tomorrow to do it again this week!

We had fun and I really should have taken some pictures. We went to Target (I'm so missing having Target right down the street so I took advantage of it several time while I was there), Pet Smart, Hobby Lobby, had picnics at the park, went to the library, made yarn octopi and yarn monsters, made a bouncy ball, played Pass the Pigs, had a scavenger hunt, baked and frosted sugar cookies, and of course the three boys enjoyed lots of time running around, jumping on the beds, and just being boys! What would I have done if the 4th little man was in the mix? He certainly has been doing his fair share of jumping around!!

I've got some fun things planned for this week as well, so hopefully I'll get some pictures of it!

As for the rest of our travels, here's a quick summary:

June 24-29: I go to LP for Julia's graduation (and hope Graham can come too).

June 30-July 4: We all get to go to East TN for a Family Vacation with Anthony's parents,
brother and his family, and sister and her family.

July 15-29: We go back to LP for my brother's wedding and a church mission trip to help with
the Ironman Triatholon.

I'm super excited that Anthony will get to come for half of these trips and I know too that it will help make the hot days of a summer pregnancy go by much quicker!

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