Monday, July 06, 2009

Opinions Please

I hope to post about our many travels and happenings this week. Right now, I need some opinions.

To those of you out there with 2 or more children, I need your thoughts on our current bedroom situation.

The three bedrooms in our house are all right next to each other, two on one side of the hallway and the third right across from our bedroom.

Graham has been in the room right across from us since the day he came home from the hospital. This made it really nice when I got up with him as an infant (his nightlight gave me enough light to see where I was going, I didn't need the monitor because I could hear him etc). My plan has always been to move Graham to the other bedroom and keep his room the nursery.

Wherever he ends up, Graham will be transitioning to a twin bed. My question is, do you think moving him to a new bed and new room would be too much change for a 2 year old? Do we move a twin bed into his current room or move Graham to the other bedroom where the twin bed is already set up?

We've always joked that he doesn't have a favorite animal or blanket to sleep with. He just loves his crib, so I foresee the transition to a bed being somewhat difficult for him.

His life is going to completely change in a couple of months and I don't want to make any unnecessary changes for him. I'm probably thinking too much about it and assuming he is more attached to his room and bed then he actually is!

I'd love to hear your thoughts if you have any.


happymcfamily said...

Well, as annoying as it is, I would probably go ahead and set up the twin bed in his current room now for a few days until he gets used to it, and then move him to the other room if that's where you really want him to be... do it enough in advance before baby #2 arrives so he doesn't necessarily associate the change with the baby.
When we got J's boxpring and mattress, we left it set up in the living room all afternoon to play on and find out how great it is, and then we moved it to her room that night. It was no problem at night... had a few difficult naps with her new found "freedom". All in all, no big deal. Of course, she has "dolly" :)

Loren said...

I know this wasn't one of your options, but I thought I'd throw this idea out....I think you should move him into the new room (so you have the convenience of having the baby across the hall), but leave him in his crib. I have lots of friends who have left theirs in the crib until they were 3, especially when they love it. I'm just thinking that with a new baby you will need things to be as easy as possible. That way you won't have to deal with putting both to sleep. Then, after several months or whatever, you can transition Graham to a big boy bed. He might be more willing when he thinks it makes him special because he gets a big boy bed but the baby doesn't. I can ask around and see who has an extra crib you can borrow?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jackie! Just wanted to post my two cents since I've been there. :) We got Micah a new bed because Matthew wasn't yet able to climb out of his bed when Micah was born and he was not the best sleeper anyway. It just wasn't worth it to mess up Matthew's sleep when Micah was causing preggo Mommy to go to the potty at night and also to risk having to get up with both kids at the same time after Micah was born. When Matthew was climbing out of his crib and Micah was sleeping okay, we made a big deal of getting a big boy bed and he never really worried much about his crib being gone, though he did make some middle of the night trips to Mommy's bedside for a little while. Micah is two and a half now and he is still in his crib. He loves that thing and doesn't get out even though he is capable of doing so. We are just going to wait until he is ready--tackling the last two-year-old molars and potty training first (hopefully)! :) Long story short, if I were you I would procure another crib if possible. Although I always say, you have to do what's best for your own family. Hope this helps! Cindy Dukes

Anonymous said...

I will just throw this in. If you already have the twin size bed, why don't you try Graham in there for nap for a few days and see how he does. If he does well try nighttime. If he has a really rough time then look at getting another crib. I understand your not wanting to get another crib not knowing if he will only be in it a few more months. Because my husband was not here the month before our daughter was born my son started sleeping with me. Once she was born and my husband left for Iraq and we moved in with my parents, he had to sleep with me. When I decided to move back to my house(w/o hubby)I was not sure how my son would do since he had slept with me for 8 mths. He decided that he wanted to sleep in his sisters room with her. So I moved his bed in there with her and they both slept fine. Then one day I asked if he wanted to move into his room and he said yes. I just waited until he was ready. Now I understand that my son is 4 and Graham is younger so it may not be were you can wait until he is ready. I am sure that is WAY more then you needed to know. Sorry about that. What do you think will be best? Melissa Stirm