Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A Long Time In Coming

Here's Graham's 22, 23, and early 24 month update. That's right, he turns 2 in 13 days. He's become very interested in birthdays and presents. He even asks me to sing the birthday song to him. If he had just been born on his due date, then he could have had his birthday today! Anyway, here's some of the things he's up to now:

-He loves to jump, especially on the bed. He's actually getting off the ground now, so I guess all the time he spends jumping on our bed has been good practice for him.

-He continues to talk really well, saying anything we ask him to say and speaking in 3-5 word sentences.

-He can count to 20 on his own, missing only 18 and 19, some of the time.

-He can say half of his alphabet.

-He can say his first and last name without any help

-He is remembering many of the words to the songs we sing, so he'll fill in the blanks to words I leave out.

-He loves construction trucks, trains, airplanes, and helicopters.

-He knows that baby brother is in Mommy's belly (we'll see how he reacts to him being in our home in 7 weeks)!

-He is officially moved into his new bedroom, sleeping in the pack and play. He'll probably move into the big boy bed this weekend once the room is finally set up.

-He has become pickier in his eating. His favorite foods include cheese, cucumbers and dip, applesauce, and pickles.

-We weighed him for the first time since his 18 month check-up using the airport luggage scales. It said he was right around 30 pounds.

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