Saturday, August 29, 2009

More things he says

He often asks me to jump up and down or to roll over. My usual response is that Mommy is too big. One night when I was putting him to bed he touched my stomach and said,"big belly." Yes, the big belly is why Icannot fulfill most of his requests these days!

He asked GG to do a somersault while they were visiting and she said she was too old. After singing happy birthday to her before they left last week, out of no where he said, "GG old." I'm sure that made her birthday that much more special!

When asked what he will do when the new baby gets here, he says, "play backhoes, tractors, and trains." I really hope they enjoy playing together!

We still do not have a name for the baby and when I ask him for suggestions he often says, "Rahrowki." The smart boy doesn't realize that they will have that name in common!

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