Friday, September 18, 2009

A Trip to the Doctors

Graham finally had his 2 year check up earlier this week. I'm thankful that he has been so healthy. He hasn't been to the doctor since his 18 month check-up (of course as of yesterday he developed a runny nose which is just in time to meet his new brother).

Anyway, he weighs 31 pounds (79th percentile) and is 38 inches (off the charts) tall. He's graduated to being weighed on the adult scale and I could tell that the fact that it wobbled made him quite nervous.

It was obvious that we hadn't been to the doctors in so long because he cried most of the time we were there. I was not expecting that reaction from him and struggled to hold him since my belly kept getting in the way!

He had to get some blood drawn from his finger and a shot. The finger prick was quite upsetting to him along with the bandaid they put on afterwards. I had to kiss that boo boo about 100 times afterwards!

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happymcfamily said...

He is only 1 lb. less than Juliana :-)