Saturday, November 21, 2009

Guess what I can do!

Since Reed has been born Graham has learned many new skills. He can:

*open doors

*turn on lights

*turn on the water in one of the bathrooms

*flush the toilets

*answer the telephone

*open the refrigerator (and as of late help himself to a piece of cheese)

*open the over

*open the dishwasher

*start the dishwasher

*turn on the tv (he has known how to do this for a while, but now does it regularly)

*turn on the dvd player

*if a movie is over he can open the dvd player, put a new movie in, and start it for himself

*reach the counter top (and help himself to a slice of bread when the mood strikes)

*if he can't reach something, he will get his step stool and use that

Now I know these are all useful skills for him to have, but why did he have to learn right around the time that I became preoccupied with a nursing infant? I guess that's just the way it goes. Thankfully nothing serious has happened as a result of this.

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