Friday, December 18, 2009

Conversations with a 2 year old

We were driving past our neighbor's house and Graham commented on the reindeer in their year. Here's our conversation:

Me: Who has reindeer?

No answer from Graham

Me: Santa has reindeer. What does Santa bring at Christmas?

Graham: Santa says, "ho, ho, ho."

Realizing he still doesn't put the whole Santa and Christmas thing together, I moved on to a new line of questions.

Me: Who's birthday is it on Christmas?

Graham: Donald (as in Donald Duck)

Me: No, it's not Donald's birthday. Who died on the cross?

Graham: Jesus

Me: Right, it's Jesus' birthday on Christmas. What will you get on Christmas?

Graham: Presents

Me: What kind of presents do you want?

Graham: A big present! (and then he mentioned something about little presents)

Me: Who gets the big present?

Graham: Gam

Me: Who gets the little presents?

Graham: Reed

He also informed us that this is his Christmas tree:

And this is Reed's:

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Justin & Gi said...

so you are saying that your little one along with mine are both narcissistic? :)

Merry Christmas!