Sunday, January 10, 2010

Seminary Reunion Week

The three years that Anthony was in seminary were by far the most challenging that we've experienced. Thankfully during those years, the Lord blessed us with some of the greatest friendships we've ever had. It's been fun to keep up with one another over the years, but this past week I had the opportunity to visit with four of the families. When we first started out at Southeastern, none of us had kids. Now between us, there are 10 kids!

Before we headed to the airport on Monday, we met the Coppenger's for lunch. They are home on furlow for the next 6 months. They just happened to be in Nashville the day I got in touch with them so we got together. It was great to hear about what life is like for them in Southeast Asia.

Graham and Alethia did a good job of entertaining themselves
with coloring books, airplanes, helicopters, and Subway booklets.

Our families
(and yes, Reed is almost the same size as 6 month old Asher)

On Tuesday we had lunch with Brianna, Laura Anne, and Caleb Castleberry. The kids certainly have grown up and we look forward to their new addition that will be here this summer!

On Thursday we had breakfast with the Grizzard's. Anthony and Kyle spent the week together at the conference, but this was the first time I got to see them. We enjoyed meeting their new son Kaden.

Later that afternoon, we went to see Cassie and Abigail Van Natta (I didn't get any pictures). We met Abigail for the first time and they will meet their new addition, Nathan, at the end of next month.

It's so neat to see where everyone is now and what the Lord is doing in our lives. Things have definitely changed, but we will always have the memories of those years together.

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Caroline Barndt said...

Jackie - I was just checking up on everyone - how fun to check your site and see a picture of you, Anthony, Caleb, Tiffany, and all those babies!!!!! If you were all here, Laura would be babysitting!!! Love to all! Caroline