Saturday, January 23, 2010


Dear Jude,

Thank you for letting me borrow the sled and snowsuit. The snowsuit fit really well the day I wore it. That was almost a week ago, so Mommy thinks it might be too small now! It was fun to be pulled around in the sled. I tried to wear the jammies, but my beefy thighs were just too big for the zipper to close!

Thanks again and hopefully I'll get to meet you soon.


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AmandaS said...

Dear Reed,
Hi!! I'm so very happy that you got to use the sled. I thought it was a pretty sweet ride myself. And as for those jammies, there is something wrong with them, not us! Really, what is Carter's thinking? I really hope to meet you soon too. Tell your mommy that my mommy says thanks for all the great updates, that she's doing a great job! Oh, and about that catnap thing, I hear you bro. It's the perfect way to not miss anything. Love, Jude