Sunday, February 21, 2010

5 Months

Our big little guy is 5 months old now. Where did this past month go? It seems like I just wrote one of these! Anyway, here is what he is up to:

*He is super smiley. He loves for us to look at him and if we don't he will whine until we do. I think he even got jealous of Graham getting attention from Daddy the other night.

*He is sleeping well at night, waking up only once most nights.

*He is finally doing well with napping. He is still taking 3 or more, but two of them are in his crib and lasting more than 30 minutes. I've also figured out a way to get him down without having to nurse him to sleep for these naps.

*He will take a paci to help him fall asleep for naps, but thankfully doesn't cry if it falls out while he is sleeping.

*He loves to shove his toys in his mouth, but his hands continue to be his favorites.

*He has been wiggling a lot lately, so he may be rolling over soon. He has gone belly to back twice, but that was a few weeks ago and hasn't happened since.

*He has had prunes as his first food. This is in an effort to help with his regularity, but isn't something I've included in our daily routine yet.

*He is intrigued by Graham and enjoys watching him play.

*He loves to jump in his doorway jumper. It is placed in between the living room and kitchen so he is able to see all that is going on!

*He babbles like crazy. His first word is "blah" and he says "blah, blah, blah" quite often. He also says "ra ra ra" and "dab, dab, dab." I'm amazed at how loud our house is now that we have two noisy boys :)

*He loves music whether it's toys that make it or being sung to.

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