Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Things Graham Says

basik- basket
basikball- basketball
pineapple cone- pine cone


He asks "what is this" to everything he eats and "where are we going" whenever we are in the van.


As I was getting out of the van with meatballs for the potluck he was pointing at me:

G: Mom, you be careful with those.

M:With what?

G: With those meatballs!


Speaking of meatballs, he referred to the spikey cones (not sure what kind of tree they fall from) lining the road as "meatballs all over the place."


While watching ski jumping on tv:

"I do that someday!"

While GG is already planning on him living with them so he can train for the Olympics, I find the comment ironic since he was at least 2 before he would go down a slide on his own.


Many things are described as the biggest ______________ ever.


He has been telling us he loves us without us saying it first!

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