Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I've been thinking about this week's posts since Sunday and am just now getting an opportunity to sit down and write.

During Mark's message on Sunday he said that when it comes to Jesus, you have to make a decision about who he is. You can choose to believe what the Bible says about him or choose not to. Either way, you are making a decision. This brought to mind Matthew 16:15, when Jesus questioned Simon Peter by asking him,

"but who do you say that I am?"

So much comes to mind when I think about how I would answer this question. Jesus, despite being God, took on the form of sinful man, came to Earth, lived a perfect, sinless life that ultimately ended with a tortuous death upon the cross. His death was for your sins and mine. He defeated death three days later when he came back to life, enabling those who believe to live forever in heaven with him.

I hope you'll stop by each day between now and Sunday. I have (with Anthony's help, you know since he's a music minister and all) found some songs for you to listen to that will hopefully give you an opportunity each day to reflect on who Jesus is. He has done so much for us!

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