Thursday, April 22, 2010

The New Guest Room

This is the only before picture I have.

The porch is a room was an addition to the house that is not connected to the central air and heat. The three sides opposite the brick are all windows (9 total) and none of them opened. We were always a little confused as to what they were going for when they designed the room since it is too cold to be out there in the winter and too hot in the summer.

Anyway, last spring my dad replaced a window on each side with a functional one so we could get a cross breeze and also have a place for a window a/c unit. They painted it for us as well. We've been very pleased with how well it turned out. It's a great second play space for Graham and has become our guest room.

The curtains only took me a year to finish. My parents visit gave me the needed motivation to finally finish them. I really could like sewing but get so sick of sewing machine malfunctions. It's probably all due to user error, but I toughed it out and finally got them done. A huge monkey is off my back and they turned out pretty nice too!

The Finished Guest Suite

(there is even a half bath off of the room as well as a washer and dryer should you desire to do laundry in the middle of the night :)

curtains up close

closed for the night

The room is ready to go to anyone wanting to come visit!!


AmandaS said...

It looks GREAT! Maybe we'll get to use it soon :)
So impressed with the work. you inspire me.

Anonymous said...

These curtains are amazing! So, so cute. Worth all the time and frustration for sure! (easy for me to say, eh?) love, Brantley