Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Our Easter

We had a fun Easter weekend. Aunt Julia was here for spring break which added to the fun!

I dyed eggs which Graham watched (I envisioned the cups of dye being spilled all over the place, and since I didn't want another sharpie marker incident, I decided to do most of the dying myself. Maybe next year he'll be self-controlled enough to be more involved! Once the eggs were dry, Graham enjoyed playing with them.

We went to a friend's house for an egg hunt. I think this was his first time doing it! He won the prize for the most eggs (52) and he found the golden egg with a $5 bill inside. Not bad for his first time! He also now knows that the eggs contain candy, so egg hunting in the years to come will be interesting :)

Reed got to hang out while the kids "hunted." I guess he could have had his own basket, but we certainly didn't need that much more candy!

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