Thursday, May 13, 2010

30 Minutes One Morning

Emily called and wanted me to watch the kids while she went grocery shopping. I said sure!

Graham was in just a diaper so I told him to go pick and outfit out. He brought back two pairs of shorts.

Luke and Sarah arrive and G is still undressed so I quickly take him to his room to get clothes on and ask the kids if they want to play outside. We get ready to do so.

Luke goes potty.

Since it was cold out and Reed was in shorts, I picked him up and brought him back to his room to put pants on him. After setting him down on the changing table, I realize he had had a massive explosion that was covering me from my wrist to my elbow and of course all over his back, clothes, and the changing table. I quickly take him to the bathtub to undress and clean off.

I put dirty clothes in the sink and finish cleaning Reed off.

Sarah watches the bath and says it is yucky the whole time.

Reed's done, so I take him to his room to get dressed and leave him on the floor to play with toys while I clean bathroom up.

Sarah says she needs to go potty, so I help her. She didn't go.

We find a bat and some bouncy balls for them to play with outside and I send them out to play in the back so I can get things cleaned up.

I rinse clothes off and realize the shower curtain is dirty too. I take that down and plan to do a load of laundry just from this explosion.

I head to the laundry room remembering that a load from the day before never made it into the dryer and that there was another load of clothes in the dryer. I switch those out and get the dirty load started.

I step outside to check on the kids and find Sarah running around in just a shirt. She had had an accident and removed all wet clothing and shoes.

I bring her in and get her changed, unable to fulfill her request for a new pair of pink shoes since of course we only have boys here. She'll have to settle for a pair of camouflage crocs.

We get Reed in the stroller and make our way to the backyard only to have it start raining. We stayed out there long enough for each of them to enjoy a mum mum for a snack and then headed inside.


Justin and Gi said...

seriously...does it get any more fun!

Emily said...

i owe you big time!

James said...

sounds like a pretty standard day for me