Thursday, May 06, 2010

And the Rains Came Down

I'm sure you've heard about the flooding that occurred in the Nashville area this past weekend. I didn't realize the severity of what was taking place while it was happening. All day Saturday and Sunday the news covered it. It rained and stormed here, but we didn't get nearly as much as they did. Our power only went out for a couple of hours and right now our water supply may be contaminated, but that is the extent of it for us. Yet, the city is only in the beginning efforts of getting back to "normal."

Each day seems to bring deeper understanding of just how impacting this event is. It seems like such a domino effect. Buildings are damaged, so people can't work until they are repaired and more than likely those same people have issues with where they live and/or the cars they drive.

When they kept saying 13+ inches of rain, I had to convert it to snow to get a better understanding of how much that is (must be my upbringing). Had this been snow, they would have gotten 130 inches or 10+ feet!

The fact that insurance doesn't cover this is another devastating thought.

I know these people need grace, comfort, strength, and wisdom from the Lord. He wasn't caught off guard like we were. So whenever you hear about it, please take a moment to pray.

Here's a video I found on another blog of some of the destruction. We've been to many of these places, so it is so weird to see them filled with so much water.

(Click on the video to watch it in youtube if you want the ad to go away.)

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