Sunday, May 23, 2010

Busy Days

This past week was really busy which is my excuse for a lack of posts. Hopefully I'll get back to it this week. We were able to go out of town for a night to help Julia move out of her dorm. We enjoyed dinner out and fun at the hotel. The boys did surprisingly well since they were sleeping in the room together. Reed was a good sport and slept on some blankets on the floor. We checked in to only find out that the cribs they said they had were all being used. There was an indoor pool which ended up making both boys nervous. Graham was closer to getting in than he was last summer, but still not close to swimming. He wore water wings while he walked around and would only go in the water if he was in Reed's boat. By the end of the night he was willing to sit on the steps of the hot tub. Reed and I had some great cuddle time in the hot tub. I held him while standing up so only his toes went in but it really relaxed him. I could tell walking with him in the pool was overwhelming to him. I want them both to enjoy the water, so hopefully we'll get to go swimming often this summer.

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