Saturday, August 28, 2010

11 Months Old

He's 11 months old now and on the move. This was the best I could do to get a smile of him with him at least looking in the direction of the camera. Here's some facts about him:

*He crawls everywhere fast. He lets go of whatever he is holding on to very often and loves to walk behind his car and dump truck. He may just be walking by his birthday!

*He loves to pick his food up and will still eat some baby food. He nurses once in the morning and then before each nap and bed. He drinks 2-3 bottles of whole milk throughout the day. He is obsessed with goldfish and even knows the package they are in. He will whine until he gets some.

*He mimics us a lot both in facial expressions and sounds. He makes a chewing motion if he wants some of what we are eating. He has learned to fake cough too. He has also signed "more" a few times so hopefully he'll start mimicking us more by learning new signs.

*He loves to be in the water and to stick his face in it and drink it. He was seriously offended and cried when GG walked outside with the swimming pool to fill it up with water and didn't take him with her. Of course he enjoyed it once she came back in and got him.

*He plays mostly with Graham's toys so the rattles etc are slowly being put away.

*He is a good sport when it comes to Graham pushing him over and does have some bruises to show for it. I know he is plotting for the perfect time to repay G for all he has endured!

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