Sunday, August 22, 2010

The 3rd Birthday Party

Last Sat we had Graham's birthday party. It proved to be a busy day since most of his friends weren't able to come. That's ok, he had a lot of fun with the friends and cousins that were able to come. He wanted a Little Einstein theme. I failed to order decorations in enough time to have them shipped, so I found pictures online and printed them (much better since they were free :).

I used his toys as other decorations, along with the image from the invitation I made.

We were planning to be outside for the whole party, but it was too hot. We went out for a few minutes to play with the parachute.

as well as some free play in the yard

Side note: I learned early on in the party to 1. not put the food out until it is going to be eaten because G wanted cupcakes at the beginning and 2. don't plan activities because 3 year olds won't want to do what you have planned anyway!

decorated cupcakes with

lots and lots

of candy!

(except for little brother)

We played I Spy, looking for the Little Einstein guys and cars. They also made I Spy cans that they got to take home in their goodie boxes (I'll post pics of G's sometime in the future since we did not get any during the party).


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