Monday, September 13, 2010

More of what Graham says

Graham was asking about the diaper rash cream he found in Reed's room. I told him he used some when he was a baby. He responded by saying he would use it:

"When I was a baby last time in a few minutes."

He knows lots of time phrases but still needs to work on using them correctly!


Anthony and I were standing in the hallway having a special moment- he was hugging me thanking me for straightening up the house. Since these moments are few and far between because we are so busy, I was trying to savor it. It ended abruptly with Graham walking up saying,

"Look at this booger Mommy!"

After picking him up from school he still asks:

"Is there a new present for me at home?"

Hopefully with Reed's birthday only a few days away he will stop thinking about receiving gifts himself.


One night at dinner he had a crust of bread, his fork, and a mushroom. He said,

"watch this and the mushroom will go on my plate."

That's right he turned it into a catapult. His creativity never ceases to amaze me and always leaves me questioning why we buy him toys since the simplest things entertain him just as much as the toys were buy him!


I helped with Mission Friends tonight. There were several funny things that he said/did during the 45 minutes we were there.

He got up in the middle of the lesson and went over to the carpet. I asked him to come sit back down but he said,

"no I need to do some push-ups right now."

(It did make me wonder if this is just little boy behavior or if his disinterest in sitting at the table and coloring is something to be concerned about but anyway)


In two separate instances on the playground he was throwing mulch. The first time he informed me it was a "slingshot" and the second time it was a "fireball." In both cases I believe he was the monster trying to catch the other children.


While we were walking in from the playground Graham said,

"now can we... (thinking of the word)... can we have refreshments when we get inside?"

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