Friday, October 08, 2010

Today's Question

I need ideas on what to feed my kids. I feel like their diets consist mainly of crackers, cheese, and fruit. Neither are big fans of vegetables. Reed doesn't have any molars so really crunchy things like carrots are hard for him to eat. Anyway, if you have an fun and nutritious suggestions I'd love to hear your ideas.


AmandaS said...

I really shouldn't be commenting on food since there are days our kiddo eats little more than Cheerios. On an eating day, here are some things he may try:
1) Yogurt (whole milk) with applesauce mixed in. and sometimes cinnamon and flaxmeal too.
2) Scrambled Eggs
3) Beets. believe it or not they are his favorite veggie. I cook them in a pressure cooker.
4) Roasted Carrots
5) Canned Salmon
5) Raisins. He eats lots of those

He also loves Goldish and Graham crackers, but I don't think that's what you were looking for :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jackie! Mine love "yogurt applesauce" and eggs, too. Other easy foods my boys love:
1-Homemade hummus
2-Steamed broccoli. I used to have to add cheeese, and now they eat it plain.
3-Roasted sweet potato fries. Just roast with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper.
4-Raw baby spinach with ranch dressing. Not sure if that one would work for Reed, though.
Hope that helps. :)

Anonymous said...

Whoops, went to referree some screaming and forgot to put my name on that last post. It was from me! :)
Cindy Dukes