Saturday, November 06, 2010

Halloween Recap

Graham loves the Veggie Tale movie Josh and the Big Wall and also enjoys when I read the story to him. I thought it would be cute to take a favorite Bible story and base his halloween costume around it. I've never really liked the holiday so I thought this might help redeem it.

Anyway, since I could not come up with a costume that depicts Josh aside from typical Bible garb or somehow making a wall for him to wear, we went with another favorite- David. We decided Graham would be David, Anthony would be Goliath, and Reed would be David's sheep. I had scrap material to make David's outfit and sling shot and the Dollar Store provided a suit of armor for Goliath. I searched the internet trying to come up with a sheep costume. Cotton balls would have been cute but way too time consuming and Reed would have eaten them anyway. I made a vest out of batting and yarn which could have worked, but he started pulling on it when I put the semi-finished version on. I put the idea on hold.

I then went back to finishing David's outfit and when it was done, it was a little small for G. We made a last minute costume shift that worked out well. G wore the armor and was Goliath. Reed wore the David costume. It speaks to the nature of their relationship! Now we just have to help Graham understand that Goliath was the bad guy :)

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