Monday, January 17, 2011

OYOL Week 2

This week's assignment was to come up with The Bare Minimum that needs to be accomplished either daily or weekly. Here is what I came up with:

The Bare Minimum

Daily Do or Die

1. Read Bible, Memory Verse Review, Pray
2. Empty dishwasher and do dishes after each meal
3. One load of laundry washed and dried
4. Prepare/cook breakfast, lunch, dinner
5. Play with G and R

1. Church
2. Blog

1. Meal Plan
2. Grocery List

1. Plan Awana Large Group Lesson
2. Grocery Shopping
3. Baths for G and R

1. Clean bathrooms
2. Vacuum

1. Bills
2. Baths for G and R

1. Clean and mop kitchen

1. Baths for G and R
2. Plan for the week

Here's to sticking to it!!

1 comment:

Brenners said...

Wow. You're bare minimum is very thorough. I like that it includes an actual day to do the "non-dishes" cleaning of the kitchen. :)