Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sing Praise- Do It Lord

Our church started 2011 out with a week of prayer. Groups met at 7, 12, and 6:30 Monday through Friday. Had we gone to FL we would have missed this. I'm so glad were able to participate. I was greatly encouraged to see people come each day and together bring our concerns for our families, church, work and neighbors, leadership, and personal growth before the Lord. The week finished with a wonderful worship service. I felt so much closer to my church family, knowing that many of us sought God for the same things and desire to see a movement of Him begin in our little area of the world. The Spirit was certainly present. My prayer was and is for 2011 to be a year we can look back on as when God started something that only He could do.

This was the song that Anthony picked for the Praise Team to sing and it was a perfect prayer to end the week. Do it Lord, do it Lord, we are praying!!

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