Monday, February 21, 2011

Graham at 3 1/2

On Friday, Graham turned 3 1/2. We made a big to do by tellinng him that whenever anyone asked him his age, he now gets to say "3 1/2." We did have ice cream that night but it was more because it was Friday night and not because of his half birthday. Anyway, here are some facts about him:

*He is fully potty trained during the day. We were at a stand still for months. He'd go #1 but refuse to use the toilet for #2. We finally hit him where it hurt and at the beginning of the year took tv away. He had to go #2 in order to watch a show. After 2-3 weeks of this it finally clicked or maybe just became habit (I think the ability was always there and it was more of a stubborn/laziness issue).

*He enjoys preschool 2 mornings a week. He goes from 7:45-11:45. I pick him up before nap time (he could stay until 2:00 but that conflicts with Reed's schedule) so this has always worked better for us.

*He attends Sunday School, Children's Church, Mission Friends, Preschool Choir, and Awana each week. He is doing well leaning his Cubbies verses, although some are over his level of understanding. Mission Friends is his favorite because Ms. Kay brings toys to accompany the lesson. He says he loves God and we pray daily for his salvation.

*He reminds us multiple times throughout the day that he loves us.

*He is always pretty creative with the ways he plays with his toys, mixing different sets together, although watching tv is probably his favorite thing to do.

*He is still pretty cautious although growing in this area. When we were in NY he went in a bounce house and loved it. Prior to that he wanted nothing to do with them.

*He LOVES to pretend that he is shooting bad guys and monsters. Usually there are some bullets or fireballs involved in his battles as well as "bamming" sound effects. He also likes to "play fight" with his action figures and has taught Reed well on how to do this.

*He enjoys watching Daddy play his computer games. I know that fantasy and superhero movies and video games will be something they will enjoy watching/playing together for many years to come.

*He is a picky eater and prefers most things that would appear on a children's menu. I would say his favorite foods are yogurt, apples, cheese, milk, protein bars, and turkey sandwiches, but that could easily change tomorrow! He doesn't like many vegetables but is required to eat three bites since he is three. Most nights he complies.

*He dislikes baths greatly. He used to love them, but as of late cannot stand getting water in his eyes.

*His favorite color is green.

*He and Reed enjoy laughing at each other (especially in the bath tub) and chasing each other. G tries to teach him at times, but also still takes toys from him and pushes him over when he gets frustrated. We're trying to help him see that God gave him Reed to be a special friend that gets to live with him and play with him. It's a relationship that is a work in progress and one that is prayed over often!

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happymcfamily said...

Happy half-birthday, Graham!