Tuesday, April 05, 2011

OYOL Week 13

Week 13 is focusing on the "hot spots." We have several places around the house that collect piles and I always clean them with the resolve to not let them get that bad again. Needless to say the cycle has not ended.

My kitchen currently looks like this:

usually the refrigerator is back against the wall

there was carpet and soon there will be hardwood over this lovely linoleum

My parents are in town, using their vacation to install hardwood floors for us. We're so thankful for their servant spirits!! We're excited to get the carpet out from under the kitchen table. Please take note of the lovely linoleum we found under the carpet. Oh the treasures that old homes give us!

Since two of my hot spots are in a construction zone, I probably won't get to them this week.

Kitchen counter- It's not usually this cluttered, but having company always causes there to be more stuff on it. I've been good about cleaning it, but sometimes it goes from totally clean to cluttered in a moment. I'm not totally sure how to keep it clear.

Pass Through- This is the constant collectal spot in the house. It's the place that things we don't feel like putting away end up as well as things that don't have a home. The drawers were purchased with the intention of filling them with daily activities for G, but since we don't get to them regularly they are just sitting there holding our library books (yes 9 drawers for 1 drawers worth of books). I have some ideas on where to put the things up there, I just need to do it!

Entryway- This spot does clean up nicely, it's just difficult to keep it that way. For a long time the shoes went in a basket. I got tired of it still looking messy with the shoes, coats, my purse, the diaper bag, backpacks, and a laptop bag being dropped right there. The dresser came in to alleviate some of the mess, but the boys cannot open the drawers. My parents were given a cubby unit that my dad rebuilt for us to put all of these things in. I'm super excited and hopeful that it will contain the mess and make for a more inviting entryway. It needs to be stained so hopefully I'll get to it soon!!

FYI: Since we have company in town, a kitchen that is under construction, and Revival services at church, I'm taking the liberty of not sticking to my daily and weekly jobs/routines. We're enjoying the process and trying to make things as easy as possible (like having hot dogs for dinner tonight). I want to enjoy the week my parents are here, so I'm giving myself the freedom to do it. I'll pick back up with the charts and lists next week :)


Cassie said...

Your new floor looks beautiful! I know what you mean about things "appearing" in these spots, it's the same for me. :) I'm working on controlling and containing it, but it's still a problem.

Brenners said...

Love the new floor! My focus for this week is my kitchen counter. I hate it when I try to make dinner and it's covered in... well... junk.