Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Answered Prayer

I've flown with one or both boys enough to know what to expect for the most part, however I debated back and forth about the best plan of action for traveling with an active toddler who is supposed to be a lap child. I thought about bringing the car seat on the plane and if Reed got to be difficult I could put him in it and have Graham sit on my lap. The downside to bringing the car seat on the plane was that I would have to carry it through the airport and it is heavy! If I checked it I could just hope that we would get our own row and R could sit in a seat belt in his own seat. In the end I decided to risk it and God certainly gave grace where it was needed. We got our own row on three of the four flights and both boys traveled wonderfully both ways. This was even the site I saw 10 minutes into our second flight on the way there (also the longer of the two for that day)!

They don't have problems falling asleep in the car so I was hopeful that this would happen and it was great. On the way home R had to sit on my lap during the longer flight but he managed to get into a sleepable position for himself and slept for over half the flight. I'm thankful that once the planes take off they are like giant white noise makers, lulling them to sleep!

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