Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Reed is 2!

Today is Reed's 2nd Birthday!! He's been telling us he is 2 for the past 6+ months, but today he is finally right! Here's an update on him:

*I'm not sure on his stats, but I know he is bigger than G was at this age. He has a huge foot and outgrows shoes before G would have worn them at the comparable age. I have a feeling he will be wearing G's clothes a year later rather than 2.

*He loves his blanket and sometimes calls it, "blank." He's been put in his crib a few times without it in there and immediately asks where it is.

*He is still a picky eater and resistant to even trying new foods. The things he loves right now- strawberries and most other fruits, cheese sticks, honey roasted peanuts, peanut butter, pepperoni, mac and cheese, and chicken nuggets.

*He loves Graham and has nicknamed him, "Grahamy." He is starting to become more aggressive since G has been that way to him most of his life, but they are learning to enjoy playing together. Reed really wants to sleep on the floor with G in his room, but we've tried a few times and it didn't work. Maybe someday.

*He likes to watch tv and enjoys most of the toys G plays with, but his unique interests include swords, motorcycles, coloring, and books.

*If I sing to him before bed he requests "Jesus" (Jesus Loves Me) or "Holy" (Revelation Song) and will ask me to sing the opposite one that I'm singing. It's quite the challenge for me to remember where I left off on one before I start singing the other :)

*He has been going to G's Sunday School class for the past few months (one day he went in and sat at the table so we tried it and he's been going ever since). A few weeks ago he started Awana Puggles and likes to show us his Puggles shirt!

*He has gotten the hang of our preschool routine and is doing well with it. He is grouchy in the afternoons since he isn't napping as long, but we're thankful that he is taking a nap (he was sent home with Anthony the first two days of school because he wouldn't stop crying during nap time).

*He still sleeps in a crib at home but has given up the pack and play when we are away. Now he sleeps on an air mattress. He also sits at the table with us instead of in his booster seat.

*While we're used to how well he speaks, I've been told that his vocabulary is impressive. He repeats just about anything and speaks in sentences regularly.

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AmandaS said...

Happy 2nd Birthday, Reed!