Monday, July 16, 2012

Paige is 3 months!



At 3 months Paige:

-most days follows an eat-play-sleep routine that she developed herself

-finally settled into a bedtime routine that starts around 8pm and sleeps 7-9 hours most nights in her bouncy seat in her crib

-has the biggest smile and isn’t afraid to show it

-talks often and even sings when we sing “Jesus Loves Me” to her

-giggles when tickled

-still prefers standing to any other position, but sitting is becoming a close second.  She enjoys the bumbo seat but spits up a lot when she is in it

-found her hands and occasionally reaches for toys on her play gym

-holds her head up really well and is getting better at it during tummy time too

-recognizes her family

-has perfected sticking her bottom lip out when she begins to cry

-has gone swimming twice

-is on her last package of size 1 diapers and almost out of some of her 3 month clothes

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