Sunday, November 18, 2012

Paige is 7 Months!


*She has started crawling with her belly on the floor and occasionally gets up on all her knees to crawl

*Learned to clap

*She had the stomach bug right before Thanksgiving. Thankfully it only last for a day or two and she recovered quickly. It was a contagious bug that got everyone sick except GG. It made for an interesting holiday!

*She still loves her baby food and enjoys vegetables more than fruit! Squash and sweet potatoes are still a favorite and now puffs are too.

*We spent the night at the Witt’s and she had an awful nights sleep. We’re reconsidering a trip to FL we have planned in January. The 5 of us in a hotel room with the possibility of her not sleeping at night might be a bad idea (not to mention the 10+ hour drive).

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