Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Free Zoo

Yesterday we went to the free zoo (aka Petco). It was a great first experience for a 6 month old. He enjoyed watching the birds fly around their cages and the fish swimming. We saw a really cute puppy that was so tempting to take home (it would have been a super spontaneous decision that we hope to make someday coupled with a kitten, but the bank just won't allow it right now :). Graham stood on top of the cage and the dog kept sniffing his feet. Once Graham realized he could touch him, he wanted to touch the other animals. Thankfully they were behind glass and that wasn't possible. The other animals included rats of various sizes and while Ratatouille was a cute animated rat, I cannot get passed the real ones' tails.


a wandering heart said...
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a wandering heart said...

The Memphis Zoo is free once a week... too bad it's such a long drive!!! I forget which day... Tuesd or Thurs, I think.