Friday, March 21, 2008

Pray for Graham

About 10 minutes after writing the last post, Graham threw up. He's been getting sick all day and after a couple of hours at the doctor's office, they said they would give him one more day to improve. As it stands right now, he has a 9:30 appointment in the morning. If he is still the same then they will admit him to the hospital to give him IV fluids to prevent dehydration. Please pray that the Lord would heal him tonight, that he would stop throwing up, start having wet diapers, and ultimately not have to be admitted to the hospital.

In addition to this, I asked the doctor about his head (flat spot from sleeping on it) and he said he is nearing the point of needing to go to the neurosurgeon. The neurosurgeon would most likely give him a helmet that he would have to wear for a while to help reshape it. Please pray that Graham would start sleeping on the other side of his head and that it would reshape itself so he doesn't have to wear a helmet. He did roll from his back to his stomach for the first time today, so hopefully he'll start moving around more when he sleeps.

Thanks everyone!!


NotesbyNewsome said...

I will definitely pray for him...I know how scary it can be when little bodies are sick. I hope he improves soon. Love you guys!


marymstraits said...

I hope every thing is OK. Hang in there.


happymcfamily said...

Juliana and I just prayed for him :)

Gardagami said...
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