Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm15 Months Old!

Graham turned 15 months old last week. He amazes us at the new things he learns on a daily basis. He continues to be the sweetest little boy that loves to cuddle with Mommy and wrestle with Daddy. Whenever we go out, people always comment on how happy he is. I'm amazed that they can see this in him in just a few seconds, but they are right. He is happy almost all of the time (this certainly helps to make parenting much more enjoyable)! Here are some of the things he is up to:

*He talks really well (or at least I think he can) and tries to repeat most words. He says mama, dada, and baby very clearly. He also says ball, bat, bed, Bible, night night, cheese, banana, car, go, duck, GG, Bob Bob. He has his own version of the words tickle, kitty, Walmart, Elmo, Goldfish,

*He loves to play outside and even tries to use the keys to open the door.

*He eats well, although I wish he ate more vegetables. He would continue to live off of bananas, grapes, bread, and Goldfish if he was allowed to. I find that if his meal is all mixed together in casserole form, he will eat it up. This works well to "hide" the veggies that aren't his favorite!

*He plays really well on his own, but is always up for a game of "peek a boo" or "I'm gonna get you." He has finally learned to cover his eyes with his hands to play peek a boo.

*He loves to feed himself and makes a huge mess while doing it. Forks are much easier to use since he can stab the food with it.

*If you ask him to say dog, elephant, pig, bird, snake, and horse he will usually make their sound rather than saying the word. If you ask him to say kitty or duck he says the word. What a funny guy!

*He folds his hands to pray whenever we pray and for a while made angry eyes when we told him to close his eyes. He has figured out how to close them now, although he doesn't do it when we pray. If we ask him to close his eyes he usually will fold his hands too. It certainly is a precious thing to see.

*He loves books, cars, bats, and balls, but also gets excited to play with weird things. Examples include expired coupons, coasters, envelopes, shirts, and candy (he doesn't know to open it yet:).

*He signs really well and I should teach him more. Too bad I can't find the book! He knows please, thank you, more, love, Jesus, milk, water,

*He knows most of his body parts and loves to show people his teeth. Speaking of teeth, number 7 is making its way in. That makes four on top and three on the bottom.

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happymcfamily said...

And of course I am sure he is working on "Becca" :)