Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Not Me Monday- Tuesday Edition

I did not miss Not Me Monday because I was not super busy yesterday. Nope. I wasn't busy at all. I did not fill in for the secretary at church (and won't be on Wed and Fri either). I did not make my grocery list (which I always make in a matter of seconds) during nap time. I did not go grocery shopping and I did not end the day at the WorldCrafts party at church. As you can see, it was a very relaxing day so there was plenty of time to write my Not Me Monday post!

When Graham and I were traveling this past week we did not enjoy our own row on all four flights. We were not able to stretch out and utilize all the space we did not have.

I did not get concerned that the half-full flights might mean ticket prices will go up again because I think air travel is super affordable.

On these said flights, I did not get a little annoyed at the irony of the the situation- Graham no longer needed to nurse and no one was sitting next to us but all last year when we traveled and he did need to nurse we almost always were in a full row and there were usually men all around me!

I did not let Graham go from Saturday morning until Tuesday morning without taking a bath. Nope. My son's hygiene is very important and I never let being tired at night get in the way of giving him a bath!

Since we were away from home and Graham was out of his routines, I did not decide to rock him to sleep for naps and bedtime. Since I was not rocking him to sleep, he wasn't able to figure out that he could zerbert me while I rocked him. Neither of us giggled when this happened and this did not cause him to go to sleep late (or not at all when we were on the plane). Nope, we never have fun together!

I was not super excited when my mom offered to buy me a plane ticket to come for my brother's college graduation next month. I'm not looking forward to it one bit. We're not going to enjoy the ceremony, a nice meal, and a day in NYC and I'm especially not going to enjoy traveling alone this time. That's right- I am not going by myself and I am not leaving Graham and Anthony to enjoy a boys weekend together! I could never be so selfish and go away on my own!!

My mom and I did not go shopping last week. Since we didn't go, I did not find a hat that I really liked. I did not then have to find a coat to match the hat and I did not end up getting an early Christmas present!

And of course, Graham and I did not enjoy a wonderful week with my family. We did not like all the time we had with them and how much they spoiled us. Nope! We were not sad to say goodbye one bit.

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